Different Types of Lathe Tools

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Shaping up a variety of materials and performing several functions are done using a lathe machine, which requires special tools. There’s a wide variety of essential lathe tools that can be used for certain projects. They each come in all different kinds and for any size of machinery for numerous applications. Before getting into all the types of lathe tools, what exactly is one? 

What is a Lathe?

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A lathe is a machine that helps in shaping several material pieces in the desired shapes. It also rotates the piece on the axis so that it can perform numerous operations. A lathe machine can perform all types of operations such as:

  • Thermal spraying.
  • Metalworking.
  • Woodturning.
  • Metal spinning.  

Types Of Lathe Tools

1. Facing/Turning Tool


This tool can be used to shorten the length of the stock on an item. This tool can even create a smaller diameter and overall use for many different projects. 

2. Boring Bar

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You can use this tool to make a hole bigger than it was before or make room for larger screws in a piece you’re building. Whether you want to create a larger hole or any other reason, this tool will be your go-to. 

3. Chamfering Tool

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We often use these tools to break off an edge on a piece or make a chamfer on the stock’s edge. This tool is sure to make your job much easier. 

4. Knurling Tool


These tools are for crafting knobs of some sort and other purposes as well. This tool ensures a knob is properly crafted and allows you to get a good grip on it to perform any needed work. 

5. Parting Tool

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This tool is one of the most significant kinds of tools for your lathe. You’ll need this tool for almost any kind of work you plan to do with your lathe. With a parting tool, you can shorten or cut off certain parts of the stock. 

6. Channeling Tool

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We mostly use this tool when we cut channels into our stock, which will come to your advantage once you need shallow grooves or ones that are circular in nature. You want this tool to always be available to you for those projects where it’s much needed. 

7. Woodworking Chisels

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This is also one of the most significant tools to obtain and have at your disposal. They can benefit you in several different ways by the several different purposes it serves. 

8. Skew Chisels

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The purpose of this tool is to provide a smooth finish for a piece of wood and offer those final touches to be further to completion. 

9. Spindle Gouges

Robert Sorby #840FH-3/8 Fingernail Spindle Gouge Lathe Tool 16 ½” Overall Length 840FH-3/8

This key tool is one you’ll want to have access to. People often use these to put coves in your pieces of wood. 

10. Bowl Gouges

PSI Woodworking LX230 5/8" Bowl Gouge M2 HSS Woodturning Chisel

We use bowl gouges to make deeper gouges into the wood. They come in several different sizes and styles as well. 

11. Scraper Tools

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This tool plays a big role in finishing up your project and is needed to finish flat bottoms and convex sections of your work. It’s best to complete your project while using a good scraper. 

12. Wood Beading and Parting Tool

PSI Woodworking LCBEAD4 Lathe Woodturning 4pc Bead Cutting HSS Chisel Set

Wood beading and parting tools are different than regular parting tools. People use them to make shallower cuts compared to parting tools. 

13. Grinding Wheel

Nova 47002 Comet II Versaturn Grinding Wheel Lathe Accessory

A grinding wheel can often make things much more convenient. It’s the combination of many woodturning and woodturning functions put into one convenient tool. 

Types of Lathe Operation

1. Facing

Facing is often the first step of all lathe operations on the machine. The metal is cut from the end to make it fit at the right angle of the axis and remove the marks.

2. Tapering

When you’re tapering, you want to cut the metal into an almost coned shaped using the compound side. Taping is between parallel turning and facing off. You are allowed to adjust the compound slide as well if you’re looking for an angle change. 

3. Parallel Turning

Parallel turning is for cutting the metal parallel to the axis and is done in order to reduce the metal’s diameter. 

4. Parting

For parting, the part’s removed to face the ends. The parting tool is included in this operation, and for a deeper cut, the parting tool must be pulled out while transferred to the side for cutting. This prevents the tool from breaking. 

5. Lathe Cutting Tools

Plenty of lathe cutting tools can help with cutting using the lathe machine. There are many commonly used tools: 

  • Side tool
  • Carbide tip tools
  • Parting blades
  • Cut-Off blade
  • Boring bar
  • Grooving tool


There are several types of lathe tools that can be used in your woodworking project and are even necessary for the successful completion of the project. For more information, please visit our website or contact us today.

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