Types of CNC Router Bits

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A CNC router bit is a cutting tool that’s used in routers, to create the desired shape from the material. The size of the CNC router bit can determine how deep it cuts into the material and what type of cut will be created. If you’re looking for a specific type of CNC router bit, we have them all! Our blog post will go over some types of bits to help give you an idea of what might work best for you.

What are CNC router bits?

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CNC router bits are types of cutting tools used in milling and routing, specifically those that can be rotated as they move along a track or arc. The types are often called an end mill, roughing, and finishing.

CNC router bits types

The types of CNC router bits are very important for designers, engineers, and even hobbyists to understand. CNC router bits are available in different types depending on their function.

1. Flat end mills

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Flat end mills are two-flute tools with cutting edges on the top and bottom of the tool. This design is excellent for engraving flat areas and side walls at high speeds. They usually have an overall length (OAL) of around 15 mm – 25 mm. The last few mm at one end are typically unsharpened. Milling cutters use this type of bit and not milling routers because milling cutters have smaller diameters than routers often do.

2. Ball nose cutters

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Ball nose cutters feature protruding, half-ball-shaped cutting edges that leave a radius pattern. Similar to flat end mills, ball nose cutters are typically two-flute and have an OAL of about 15 mm – 25 mm. The last few millimeters at one end are unsharpened. Because they’re good for engraving and their ability to move in several directions while maintaining contact with the material, ball nose bits are used for contour machining.

3. Dovetail bits

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Dovetail bits feature an angular tip with four flutes and are designed to create interlocking male and female dovetail joints when mated together. They usually only have one sharpened corner so they can maintain contact with the workpiece during plunge cuts.

4. Tapered ball nose bits

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Tapered ball nose bits, or skew nose bits, are similar to flat end mills except they have a slight angle (around 5 degrees) in the cutting flutes. The result is an angular tip with four sharpened corners. Because of this design, tapered ball nose cutters feature excellent stock removal when performing plunge cuts into sequentially stacked workpieces.

5. Corn teeth end mills

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Corn teeth end mills are similar to tapered ball nose cutters, but rather than having a slight angle in the cutting flutes, these types of CNC router bits have teeth shaped like kernels of corn.

Three-dimensional irregular router bits, or 3-D roughers, feature three flutes and a pointed tip. Because of their unique geometry, these types of CNC router bits can take on the shape of any irregular surface.

6. Drill bits

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Drill bits, also known as center bits, are used in a drill press. They have a pointed tip and four flutes that remove material from the bottom of the hole.

Major Cut Types Of Spiral CNC Router Bits

CNC router bits that are mostly used in most cutting jobs today are the following:

1. Up-cut spiral bit

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Up-cut spiral bit – is an up-cut spiral bit is a type of spiral CNC router bit designed to move from top to bottom through a 3D object made from wood, plastic, or metal. It removes material from the surface of the workpiece by lifting chips off with each rotation and then ejecting them out the flutes (the channels into which the shavings collect) and onto the floor.

The key difference between this type and other types of spiral CNC router bits is that its cutting edge rotates into the material. Up-cut spiral types of spiral CNC router bits are best suited for cutting where chips cannot go into tight spaces because they come out only through the flutes.

2. Down-cut spiral bits

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Down-cut spiral bits are types of spiral CNC router bits that remove material by forcing chips downwards through the flutes and out through the wast side of the cut. The key difference between this type and other types of spiral CNC router bits is that its cutting edge rotates against the direction of travel or workpiece movement. Down-cut types are best suited for cutting where chips must be contained within the cut.

3. Compression Cut

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In addition to the types of spiral CNC router bits, there is also a type called a compression cut. This places the material under tremendous pressure as it passes through the work zone, which can cause pieces to break or crack. Compression spiral CNC router bits have a very specific use and are generally not used as the primary spiral CNC router bits for cutting.

How To Select Your CNC router bits?

CNC router bits can be made from many different types of materials such as solid carbide, high-speed steel, and cobalt alloys. A low-grade bit will wear out quickly and become dull with just a few dozen hours of use.

Choosing the best router bits is very important in order to get accurate and efficient results on your projects. So here we are going to look at about types of CNC router bits and their vital statistics that help you to make an informed decision when purchasing various types of CNC router bits for different applications.

The Project You Are Working On

Before you purchase any type of CNC router bits, it is vital to know what types of material you will be working on. If the job that you are going to do would need a harder type of CNC router bits then there is a great chance that the CNC router bits will become dull very quickly and it may result in a loss for your company. So please consider this point before you make an order online.

Types Of Material You Will Be Cutting

These particular points go hand in hand with number one mentioned above. The types of jobs you are doing should make up for the types of materials needed to complete them. In other words, choose the best types of CNC router bits for the types of materials you are working on. For example, solid carbide CNC router bits are very good for steel and may last up to 5 times longer compared to high-speed steel CNC router bits.

The Length

Types of CNC Router Bits can come in many different lengths and sizes. Make sure that your router bit is long enough to handle the different types of applications that you are milling out. For example, cutting V profiles into II and IV materials require longer CNC router bits otherwise the tip might break due to its length. So please choose carefully when making an order online or from local shops.

The Number Of Flutes of CNC Router Bits Should Have

Different types of router bits have different numbers of flutes and this is also important to consider when making an order. The number on the flute indicates how deep your cut into your material with each pass. Each time a new level is made, it cuts deeper than the previous one which means that if you require to type I profiles of CNC router bits that have 5 flutes, and will carve out a V profile. If you require II profiles, CNC router bits with 2 flutes will be enough to complete your work efficiently.

CNC Router Bits Brands To Consider

There are many types of brands and manufacturers who make CNC router bits and each brand has its own unique qualities and features. You may want to check out different types of companies online before making an order in order to get the best deal possible on which CNC router bits you want to buy.

The Speed Of Your Whole Router

CNC router bits differ in types and sizes and this makes an impact on the CNC router bits’ RPM rates. It is important to choose CNC router bits that can match your CNC router bits’ top speed which means you will need I profile for low speeds (3000-5000 RPM) and type IV profiles for high speeds (more than 10000 RPM). This is because the larger types they are, the less power they require so it is best to use smaller types with lower speeds.

So, are you ready to get started with your next CNC router bit purchase? We hope this article has helped provide some insight into the different types of bits available on the market and w

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