How to Draw Chainmail

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If you love to draw, have you ever thought about creating chainmail? It’s not as hard as you might think  and it’s a really fun way to express yourself.

Chainmail is a type of armor that has been popular for hundreds of years. It is made by using a series of rings that are connected to each other with wire or thread. 

The rings are usually made of steel, but they can also be made of bronze, copper, or aluminum. Chainmail can be worn under armor, or by itself during peacetime.

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You’ve just got to learn how to draw chainmail. In this article, we’ll be showing you how chainmail should be drawn and give you some great tips to up your chainmail game.

Let’s get started.

Effective Ways To Draw Chainmail

Battle Ready Chain Mail Coif Armor

Chainmail is often worn under heavy armor or plate armor, and is a great defense against slashing and piercing attacks, but not against crushing attacks. Let’s discuss what materials you will need to make chainmail, how to make a pattern, and how to interlock the rings.

Start With Drawing Your Grid 

Drawing chainmail can be a bit tricky at first, but it will get easier as you practice. To start, you’ll need a grid. You can do this yourself on a piece of paper, or you can go to a website and print out the grid there.

It’s easiest to start with a square grid. To draw each square in your grid, hold your pencil to one side and make a dot. Then lift the pencil, and put it down on the other side of the dot, and make a dot. Repeat this until you have a square.

Perspective, Bends, Shapes and Folds

One of the things that you must remember while you are creating chainmail is perspective. If you are not a very good drawer, you can still learn how to draw chainmail by using perspective. 

It helps you to create a realistic drawing. Another thing that you must remember is the folds and the shape of the chainmail.

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Starting Your Pattern

\Drawing chainmail is a very different style of drawing than what you are probably used to. 

The trick is to draw single, small and spaced tick marks to create the pattern of rings. This is what makes the pattern look like a real chainmail skirt. 

Let your pencil create a guide, or line for you to follow. The closer you can follow this line, the better your chainmail will look. 

Perfection Is Not Needed

It may even have a different pattern. But the armour that a Knight wore was not just there to protect them. It was a sign of status, who they served, and how long they had served them. 

The colour of the rings varied from region to region and the pattern was often left to the individual Blacksmith who forged them through many techniques. 

The one thing that was always the same was that the rings were never perfectly identical, or spaced evenly.

Draw Out Two Tick Marks, One Next to the Other

It might seem complicated at first, but between each one of the tick marks, you should draw two tick marks which are next to each other. This is the simplest, most effective way to draw chainmail, which is an essential part to a fantasy armor or a chainmail shirt.

You Can Also Draw Between Each of the Double Tick Marks

Begin by drawing a line between each of the double tick marks. If you are drawing a shirt, this will be the centerline; if you are drawing a shirt and a pair of pants at the same time, this will be the line that separates the two. 

For each ring of chainmail, make sure the links line up with each other. Remember to draw the horizontal lines first, and then the vertical lines. You should also consider drawing 3 pick marks next to each other for even more depth.


How long does it take to make a suit of chainmail?

How long does it take to make a suit of chainmail? The procedure can take anywhere between 55 and 60 hours depending on your speed.

Can a sword pierce chainmail?

Can a sword pierce chainmail? Of course it can. Chainmail is very flexible and offers protection to the torso, arms, and legs, but it doesn’t make you invulnerable.

A sword’s point concentrates the user’s force. Using enough force can push through or shatter the chainmail rings.

How heavy is a full suit of chainmail? 

How heavy is a full suit of chainmail? According to the Swords and Armor website, the entire suit can weigh between 45-55 pounds.


As you can now tell, drawing chainmail is one of the most entertaining hobbies you can try. Anyone at any skill and age range can take a stab at it. We really hope you enjoyed this article on how to draw chainmail and wish you luck. Happy Drawing!


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