Types of Welding Electrodes

types of welding electrodes

So, you want to know about welding electrodes? Well, I’m not just going to give you a list of names and types. That’s boring! Let me introduce you to the … Read more

Types of CNC Router Bits

types of cnc router bits

A CNC router bit is a cutting tool that’s used in routers, to create the desired shape from the material. The size of the CNC router bit can determine how … Read more

Types of Blow Torches

types of blow torches

How many different types of blow torches  (or blowtorches) can you name right off the top of your head? We bet not all.  Blow torches are fantastic tools that can … Read more

Dewalt vs Milwaukee

dewalt vs milwaukee

The two most popular and best-selling models of power tools are the Dewalt and Milwaukee brands. Both companies are extremely popular in the construction, DIY, woodworking and renovation industries and … Read more