Types Of Crucibles

types of crucibles

A crucible is a container in which materials are heated to very high temperatures. The term was originally coined by the noted 17th-century chemist and physician, Robert Boyle. They can … Read more

Types of Smithing

types of smithing

Smithing refers specifically to the types of metalworking which involve making a piece from a material. Smithing has a long history, dating back to the very first use of metal. … Read more

Different Types of Lathe Tools

types of lathe tools

Shaping up a variety of materials and performing several functions are done using a lathe machine, which requires special tools. There’s a wide variety of essential lathe tools that can … Read more

Types of Welding Jobs

types of welding jobs

Welding is a job that requires intense training and certification. Nearly every industry you can imagine needs welders at some point, so this is a good trade to learn if … Read more

How a Crucible Is Used

how is a crucible used

When it comes to crucibles, they have no equal in the tool world. Crucibles are containers that are used to heat metals into a liquid and then pour the liquid … Read more

How to Make a Sword

how to make a sword

Are you fascinated with swords? Swords have been around for centuries; the first of them appeared in the Middle East. Then, if you had a sword it was a show … Read more

How To Make a Forge

How To Make a Forge

If you’ve never built a forge before, you might want to check out this tutorial, especially if you’re interested in blacksmithing. Maybe you’ve tried to build a forge before but … Read more