Blacksmith Hammer Types 101

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Thanks to shows like Forged in Fire and Iron and Fire, people cannot get enough of blacksmith television. While blacksmithing is more of a hobby now, it was once an important and reputable career in ancient and historical societies. Even though you do not see many people in this trade anymore, it is slowly coming back. 

Are you a blacksmith or a blacksmith-in-training and are looking for new hammers? Or maybe you want to add to your collection? Either way, we created a list of over 20 blacksmith hammers that you need to check out. 

Different Types of Blacksmith Hammers

It is time to add to your collection. Keep scrolling to see many different kinds of blacksmith hammers and their usage. 

1. Cross Peen (Pein) Hammer

Estwing - MRF4OBS Sure Strike Blacksmith's Hammer - 40 oz Metalworking Tool with Fiberglass Handle & No-Slip Cushion Grip - MRF40BS Blue

A cross peen (pein) hammer has a head/blade that is perpendicular to its handle. You can find them in a variety of forms — sharp, round, flat, smooth or even textured. 

2. German Square Faced Cross Peen Hammer

KSEIBI 271450 Blacksmith Machinist Cross Pein Hammer Soft Grip handle 2.2LB (1000g)

If you are a traditionalist, you need to check out the German Squared Faced Cross Peen Hammer. Plus, you can use this hammer for almost all your forging needs. 

3. Swedish Cross Peen

Hammer - Blacksmiths' Hammer Replace for Picard Hammer 0000811-1000 Swedish Pattern Face & Cross Peen Ground Hammer Beginner Bladesmith Knife Making Metalworking Forge Tool

The Swedish Cross Peen is a hammer forged in Sweden. This type of hammer is good for more intricate work, scale forgings or planishing. It has a unique shape and comes in a variety of sizes and weights.

4. French Cross Peen

French Riveting Hammer w/Wooden Handle Jewelry Making Repair Metal Rivet Forming Tool

As one of the most common blacksmith hammers, the French Cross Peen features a square face and cross peen, which gives you more surface area for drawing. 

5. Czech Hammer or Hofi Hammer

Czech Style Hammers

With a small handle and squared head, a Czech or Hofi hammer is a great new addition to any blacksmith kit. This hammer gives you a nice balance with every swing thanks to ergonomic properties.

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6. Ball Peen Hammer, Machinists Hammer Or Engineers Hammer

TEKTON 16 oz. Ball Peen Hammer | 30403

Do you need a hammer with more heft? Then, the Ball Peen (Machinists or Engineers) Hammer is right for you. This hammer is the best for metals and will have a harder time chipping. 

7. Straight Peen Hammer

Ball Peen Hammer, Hickory, 11-1/2-Inches Klein Tools 803-8

A Straight Peen Hammer has a head or blade that is parallel to its handle. You can find it sharp, rounded, flat, smooth or even textured. It is the perfect hammer for woodworking, blacksmith, metal projects and stone crafts. 

8. Diagonal-Peen Hammer

Diagonal Peen Hammer

The Diagonal-Peen Hammer has a head or blade that is diagonal to its handle. Just like the straight peen hammer, you can purchase a round, flat, sharp, smooth or textured hammer. 

9. Chisel-Peen Hammer

ABN Ball Pein Hammer 5-pc Set – 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 oz – Fiberglass & Carbon Steel for Metal Rivet, Chisel, Punch

A piece not usually used in most situations, the Chisel-Peen hammer has a sharp wedge as its head.

10. Clipping Hammer

Clipping Hammer

Are you a farrier who handles horseshoes? Then, you are most likely familiar with Clipping Hammers. This hammer has sharp edges and a round point. 

11. Planishing Hammers

4 Steel Ball Pein Planishing Swiss Design Metal Hammers

Blacksmiths use a Planishing Hammer to smooth, polish and flatten metal with every strike. 

12. Japanese Blacksmithing Hammer

Japanischer Hammer "Krenzer"

If you enjoy forging knives, then you need a Japanese Blacksmithing Hammer. It has a small face, which works better for narrow or small projects. 

13. Rounding Hammers or Brian Bazeal Style Hammers

Nordic Forge 2 Lb. Rounding Hammer

Known as the Rounding (Brian Bazel Style) Hammer, many blacksmiths use it for its rounded blade. With years of experience, you can use this hammer to make any shape. 

14. FileMaker Hammer

Not used by most people anymore, a FileMaker Hammer’s purpose is to score flat pieces of metal like iron to create files.

15. Blacksmithing Sledge Hammer

Caliburn Blacksmith Rounding Hammer 2.5lbs

Many of us have seen the Blacksmithing Sledge Hammers, especially in movies. People use this hammer for harder strikes, especially when they need to make changes or are working on a large piece.

16. Blacksmith Flatter

Picard Hammer - Square Flatter (0002200-60)

A blacksmith flatter looks like many of the other hammers, but its purpose is to flatten irregular stock in metals. This piece is easy to use for any beginner.

17. Top Butchers and Side Sets

Blacksmiths use Top Butches and Side Sets hammers to square the shoulders of projects. 

18. Custom Made Hammers

Did you know that you can purchase or make a custom-made hammer? That is right! You can build a hammer from scratch that matches your preference. 

19. Trip Hammers, Tilt Hammer or Helve Hammer

Even though you do not use Trip (Tilt or Helve) Hammers for commercial use, many blacksmiths used them in the past. Plus, it is a cool piece to have in any collection.

20. Steam Powered Drop Hammers

Do you want to combine historical and contemporary uses while forging? Then, you need to check out Steam Powered Drop Hammers. 

21. Forging Presses: Hydraulic, Mechanical, Screw

AFF Super Duty Hydraulic Shop Press, 20 Ton Capacity, 35"W x 64"H, 850ASD

If you are a traditionalist, a forging press will not be for you. But if you enjoy modern technology, then you need to try out a Hydraulic, Mechanical or Screw forging press. 

22. Forging Hammers: Gravity Drop, Power Drop, Counterblow

A broad category of forging power hammers, includes the Gravity Drop, Power Drop and Counterblow hammers. They even fall under steam, mechanical and air hammers.

Now is time to fill up your blacksmith tool kit. Check out each one of these hammers to see if you need to add them to your collection. Want to see more lifestyle content? Subscribe to our blog today to get notifications every time we post.


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